User is banned, did nothing wrong

For the last day I’ve been unable to play any matches because apparently I’ve been banned. I literally haven’t played a game since Sunday. Sunday was the usual btb issue; I tried finding a match, and half the time the game would freeze up trying to connect to a server, crash, but would still be locked in trying to connect to the server. So I’d have to Restart the game and try again. Monday I saw the message ‘user is banned’ and didn’t think anything of it. Today it’s still there, which is over 30 hours since I’ve played Halo Infinite.
Note: I didn’t quit any games, in game, while playing on Sunday. It was only when I tried playing Monday that the banned message showed.
There’s literally no reason why I should be banned at all. What can I do?

You can get information on how to appeal a ban here:

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