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Salutations, Spartans!
(I think…I’m new here.)

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): GUI bad, needs improved. Armor Hall, Weapons Bench, other customizations. @343Industries, please contact me to discuss in a constructive loop (or Halo, haha) of Feedback. I want to see this game thrive, not just survive!

Topic: User Interface
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I’m loving the single-player experience as UNSC Chief John Masters (I’m kidding, kind of- mostly meme-ing), swinging from Pine to Pine like I’m an exo-atmospheric Tarzan, clapping baddies left, right, and center finding upgrades in the form of Spartan Cores and Mjolnir Armor Mods…and therein lies the rub…the Armor Hall, the Weapons Bench, the general clunkiness of it all…

I believe that the Menu should remain consistent with titles past and if this does that, then kudos! (Again, new here, no idea).

However: as a PC player that understands the importance of consistency in the GUI across two platforms, I believe that there’s room for improvement in ease-of-access regarding fewer clicks to target, such as an alternative layout in which players are given the option to view cosmetics (e.g. with the press of a button, a re-organized menu (grid, not horizontal list) drops down and reveals the cosmetic selected.

I am no artist and I’m frankly unwilling to put the time into a suggestion for a game that values expensive microtransactions for cosmetics and battlepasses (2800USNC Credits for a Premium Pass? That’s close to $30USD and the amount 8.99+17.99 must be spent if one wants to receive enough USNCC to purchase in the first place! MOREOVER: the Premium Battle Pass is essentially the only option for the fact that there are 100 tiers, 1000xp/Tier and <500xp to be gained per match. The math simply doesn’t add up to an enjoyable playing experience.

That said…I’m (however sheepishly) enjoying my time spent in Halo: Infinite. The MP is an interesting challenge and the Campaign is a blast. Keep dreaming, team - I believe in this product and can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Thanks for all of your hard work, 343!

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LMAOOOO. Contact you? They don’t give a flying yoink about any feedback here. You can have the best well thought out post and it won’t mean much. I do agree with your post however. Ui is terrible just like everything else in this game

You make some pretty good point here, very well spoken.

Looking forward to your other posts.

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Does this comment go against ToS? I believe an ad hominem attack against the developers is at play, but I could be mistaken.

I appreciate your agreement, but it’s surrounded by statements of discouragement.