Useless site.

Due to the fact that Halo Waypoint is so hard on computers with its god aweful website i will no longer be bothering with updating this thread, if you want to join a clan then message me online and NOT on here as it will not be checked.

You want info on our clan? tough.

I’m the leader of the Imperial Armada wanna be in an alliance???


We can also have friendly skirmishes with your clans to help give your clans a larger sense of activity.

ps: moderators, notice how this is my previous thread which you told me to revert to before locking my other one, please leave this one alone.


If you’re interested, over at Le Tampwn we’re starting a project called the League of Alliance!

What this league is about is to bring together a bunch of Halo communities and clans together for friendly battles, challenges, and tournaments!

If you’re interested all the information is on the Le Tampwn Home Page which gives you further detail, the rules, and how to sign up!

Thank you!

Thank you for the invite, it definitely looks interesting and we will be sure to check it out.