Useless feedback for the distant future - Menu interaction with our Spartan

Hello! It’s been a while since my last thread. I’ve been playing Halo Infinite for months. Well, I’d say since day one of the beta. I overall like the aesthetic that offers the lobby/waiting room (where our spartan stands behind the Pelican), but it feels somewhat empty that we can’t interact in some ways with them.
My first thought is that even just control of their head by using the right analog stick would benefit somehow. Imagine being with your 4 friends and you talk to each other by moving your head.
I don’t know. I think it’s funny. Something like Red vs Blue, also.

As the title says, it’s a super useless piece of feedback - Halo Infinite needs QoL and more important features. But since everyone is talking about these facts, I just prefer pointing out these nitpicks that might or might not be heard.

That is all, have a good day!