Used code on wrong accout

My current email address and the email address my Xbox account uses are different. As a result I have clamed an Xbox games pass code on the wrong account.

When I clicked the link on the Xbox PC app for the Halo infinite code it opened a new tab in my web browser with my current email address account instead of opining under the account my Xbox account is on (the one I am signed in on in the app) and with out knowing that it had done that, I redeemed the code.

So now that code has been used but on the wrong account. Is there anything I can do to get the items from the code moved to the correct account?

I did the same thing. Basically you’re -Yoink!-. There is a dude on eBay selling gamepass codes for $1, probably your best bet.

Your best option is likely reaching out to Xbox Support, as 343 Industries has nothing to do with the management of PC Game Pass.

You can’t do anything. It’s in the Xbox TOS that once a code is used, it’s used and there’s nothing you can do. I’d suggest changing your email address so it’s all the same so there’s no confusion.