Use GEARS 5 "BAN-SYSTEM" for the leavers before they RUIN the multiplayer

Use the same SYSTEM that Gears 5 introduced for the “LEAVERS” and demand a “Phone-number” as Cod-Warzone does to play competitively.

If someone “exits” the game, they must win 2 “Quick-play” games and their 30 minute ban in order to play competitively again.

If the leaver reinsists in his behavior, the games he will have to win in quickplay will be “MORE” and “MORE” plus the ban-minutes will increase exponentially.

The MULTIPLAYER of its sister FRANCHISE GEARS 5 was “ruined” by the leavers since in an XBOX you can have 10 profiles with only 1 gamepass, so someone could enter 10 times to ranked and leave, years later is when GEARS 5 implemented the system that I suggest here.