!!!!!!URGENT PROBLEM / ISSUE!!!!!!!!

(343) and Halo (Waypoint) - I love what you have done with halo 4. But specializations , I have played since halo the original. And since I Dident have money at time you don’t let me level up from 70. I do not cheat nor do anything wrong. I’ve spent money on map packs and done your promotional offers such as , Halo4 King Of The Hill, Dew xp, and Doritos Xp. I KNOW NO 343 MEMBERS WON’T, MOST LIKELEY GET BACK TO ME BUT… I would like to tell the gamers who haven’t reached level 70 and who Dident play the game through a certain date that once you reach 70 you are done until they decide to make some adjustments to keep valuable players such as us HALO fans/gamers my email- [CLASSIFIED] please no spam it is not ok to contact me on email unless 343 member period please help… From gt- Silent FaKiEzZ

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These are the kind of noob-ish/casual people you’ve attracted, 343. Great job.

OP, you are out of luck and don’t post your e-mail in a public forum (that’s the stupidest thing next to putting your CC on here and saying you’ll pay for it). Your thread will be locked by a mod, and seriously, there’s more urgent things wrong with the game and deserves more attention than this. So, short answer: No specs for you. Go play something else or play without ranking up.

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The specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post