Urgent Improvements Needed

I’m not going to get into how I feel about armor cores or the customisation it’s too late for that I’ll deal with the most pressing issues first.

1 that battlepass is some battlefront 2 level of ridiculous tone it down thanks

2 no gamemode select is a joke, not even ranked slayer? And not only do you tone down aim assist dramatically you don’t allow us to turn off crossplay for ranked? What’s that about?

3 no server select? Are we playing Europe? America? Asia? Who knows!

4 what is going on with the customisation? Look at Reach’s armor do we really need to pump cash into the game just to look a little different? What’s going on

Overall poor from 343, you don’t need to spend 6 years pondering these things, or however long you spent making the game. This is all fairly universal stuff, like ask any regular casual fan if they’ll agree with my points they’ll likely say yeah it’s just nonsense it hasn’t been implemented yet.


They really do need to fix that stuff especially the aim assist on controllers, Turning off crossplay and removing aim assist on mnk. I don’t understand why they have aim assist?

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Yeah it’s like a no brainer, does 343 play their own game? I don’t understand at all these decisions

I’d also like to add CTF is confusing at times, I’d rather a simple red vs blue. Save the shaders for other modes gameplay is most important to me and gameplay is suffering with tghs outline business

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Yeh it needs an overhaul. The BP is not very rewarding and premium battle pass should be earnable.

Lack of game modes is pretty bad and same with lack of server select and they need the option to turn off cross-play to avoid dealing with PC cheaters.

I feel like they were bragging about customisation being far superior to Reach and kind of felt lied to.

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Yup, the amor cores is automatically more restrictive than reach

Yes exactly the core system is very restrictive and not impressed with how they set that up.

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343 also indicated there would be no time limit on any Battle Pass in June 2021, allowing you to choose which one you’d like to progress in without fear of missing out on unlocks.
Yet this battle pass has a definite time limit on it.

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They said battle passes go on rotation, I presume that’s the tine limit to buy it