I’m trying to go into matchmaking on halo reach but I keep getting returned to the searching lobby just before I enter a game…

I sit there and find a match. I then vote, however all of the maps which get voted to play then get skipped. this happens until there is no more options until one is chosen… the countdown begins and when it hit’s 1 I then get returned to the lobby and continue searching.

this happens in all playlists and it does not matter what map is chosen, it’s just happened this morning and the last time i tried to lay which was saturday afternoon it said ‘playlist download pending’ or some other -Yoink- like that.

what the -Yoink- is going on

check your disc, you’re unable to load the maps and after a certain amount of tries you get booted so the game can start for the other players.

I can play the maps on custom games though so it’s not the disc.

Have you tried resetting your network?