Urgent Achievement Help Please!

Hello Fellow Achievement Hunters,

I recently bought Spartan Assault for Windows Phone and have gotten all of the Achievements accept “Extra Credit” and “A for Effort”. Both of these need all the challenges to be completed in order for them to unlock but Windows phone already has the challenges unlocked since I completed the game on other versions such as (PC). I read online that in order for the achievement to unlock you need to complete a weekly or daily challenge but it looks like this has been discontinued.

Does anyone know anyway to unlock these two achievements for Windows Phone? These are the last two achievements I need for any Halo game or version that has been made. (Other than IOS Spartan Assault which no one can unlock so I’m not counting it lol). I am desperate everyone and am more than happy to help anyone with any achievement they need if you can please help me!

Thank you!

Same issue for me. Hoping to get it working.

Since the weekly challenges have been discontinued you may be out of luck! :frowning:

Did they silently discontinue them or have they confirmed it anywhere? I tried looking around, but I couldn’t find anything.