Urban Odyssey Clan Looking for Capable Members


My name is Dark Remalf, I am the leader of the Urban Odyssey, a clan whose objective is simply to be well known throughout the halo universe and form bonds with our fellow members to create a family that will fight well in the battlefield. This is a clan that has been reset so we have very few members and are in need of leaders that are capable to bring the clan upward.

The requirements are as listed,

-Must be at least 15 years of age.(To make sure we maintain a mature environment)
-Must be mature.(Everyone dislikes drama)
-You must have some skill. (This is evaluated through the tryout)

We have a website if you wish to know a bit more about us, just go here. (Include a message specifying your gamertag and reason for joining)

So if you need more information please contact me through xbox live or through the Urban Odyssey website.

Thank you,