Urban is too much like Dispatch

Basically the only things that really separate each Warzone Assault map as a unique experience are the beginning bases, and Urban has the same beginning base as Dispatch. It would have been much more interesting if it just followed the standard Warzone Assault setup every other map uses where you start at the middle base, then a secondary base, then the core base. Since they changed mid to an armory in the final version, I figure they would have had no problem changing the garage to an armory instead and starting at the monument. Fighting over the monument would have been way more fun and interesting than doing another map where you fight over the garage.

the garage is the only similarity.

if they replaced the armory with the monument.
and added big highway signs near the core room doors.(at bottom of slope)
it would fix this map.

also make the crates to get into the garage easier to climb. or add cover.

Well, both maps favor the Attacking side, with Dispatch being almost a guaranteed win for the Attackers once they capture the Garage (though this usually applies to every Warzone Assault map). Here’s the problem with the Garage: it has too many entrances. The Fortress has only 4 Entrance Points, three of which are located within a few feet of each other. This fact is made up for by its sheer size, which makes it difficult to completely evict an enemy team. The Spire is very open (4 official entrances, but many more parkour entrances), but is balanced by being the highest point on the map. The Garage has 7 Entrances, next to no cover from enemy fire, and is almost impossible to defend.

they play completely different other then cosmetic similarities