Ur a McDonalds NOOB if ??

U go play Grifball and plan on your TOD to be the bomb

You make topics about nOObs. Everyone starts out new at some point. Attitudes that point attention to the new crowd in a negative way aren’t going to help things any, if at all.

I’m glad I woke up happier than normal.

Umm these guys ranks wouldn’t show they r n00bs even though they are, Let me piss in ur cereal then comeback here, I’d love to umm talk 2u more. Once I’m done counting my blessings since u woke up in a good mood

your a noob if you afk in reach

No your a n00b if IAFKinREACH

Why would you even make this thread?

what the hell is a McDonalds NOOB?..

Would have to check my profile for that answer

> Would have to check my profile for that answer

Just say it here…why would you start a thread with something no one knows about and expect them to search for the meaning. this is a dumb thread shouls be locked.

Wait see… Just because U don’t know doesn’t mean others don’t

A noob is any one that uses Armor Lock