upstream bandwidth, suboptimal networkng conditions

thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.

I was checking my network status today and I am starting to get this message regularly. “Upstream Bandwidth: Suboptimal networking conditions will affect matchmaking and gameplay”. My NAT rating is is open (and colored green) and my packet loss rate is low/excellent (and also rated green) How can I improve my upstream bandwidth?

For the record I have a cable modem, and I don’t use wifi (I have hard wired my xbox to my router)



Strange. I’m using an Xbox 360S and I’m using a Wi-fi connection, and yet I’m getting excellent ratings across the board O.O. (But then again my bandwidth speed is 7.8 MB/PS.

If you’re not on it already, I suggest ADSL2+, Preferable with a good company.

Also, are there other people in your house using the internet? If so, they may be bottlenecking your upstream bandwidth to the console.