Upset we didn't see Chief and Arbiter talk ?

Not trying to be picking at stuff but I would have much rather had Arbiter say something to Chief instead of Halsey, now we gotta wait 3 years lol.
Hopefully 6 will start right from that point.

Would have been cool, but I’m not upset by it.

I thought it was a wasted opportunity. I mean, such an easy chance for huge fan service, and it gets ignored. Not saying I’m surprised by this.

They had a nice firm man-hug after the screen went dark. Elites are suckers for snuggles.

Maybe they went for a drink afterwards and exchanged phone numbers.

i was rather disappointed that they didn’t speak even if the arbiter said welcome back or anything

It was to be epic… The bond Thel and John share is brotherly…

I was hoping there’d be something along the lines of Arbiter saying “Were it so easy” to the Chief. It would put a nod to Halo 3 and come full circle again after they finally see each other after almost 5 years.

I would’ve prefered Arbiter over Halsey as well, but the story didn’t really call for it. I’m glad they’re set up to be on the same side in Halo 6 though.