Upping player health to increase time to kill

I really do like the way the game plays but I think it would be even better if players had more health.

However, all the weapons would need to be completely retuned to account for this.

The AR now takes 10 bullets to remove shields and another 4 to finish the job. With a 20-25% increase in health, it would take several more to kill which would decrease the intended mag capacity for this weapon. It would need to be given 40 rounds instead.

Or you could just lower it’s fire rate.

With the BR, it would need to kill in 5 shots instead. Which would reduce it’s intended mag capacity. Maybe we could slow the rate of fire for it too.

The DMR would be a 6-7 shot kill instead of 5.

The sniper rifle would need an innovative nerf since it always needs to be a 2 body shot, one headshot kill.

Blah! It would take a lot more effort to increase player health than people think.

I would still like to try it out though. Maybe a ROF decrease on all weapons would do the trick.