Uploading Halo 4 Saved Videos to Youtube?

Sorry if this is a noobish question, but i would like to upload gameplay i saved of me playing halo 4 and getting a perfection. i have it saved and uploaded to my fileshare, the question is, how do i get it on my computer? i know the file share service is not working right now, but i have seen a lot of halo 4 gameplay on youtube.


Capture card. Those guys are recording as they play an a special device.

I think the videos you see on youtube are generally recorded via third party software.

thx for the replies. also, is there an E.T.A. on when the file share will be up?

Sadly you can’t just do that like in CoD, you need a capture card.

I have one and still can’t figure it out sadly…

People that upload to youtube use some kind og capture device. I have a Happouge HDPVR. Of you put your perfection on you fileshare I can record it for you, and send it to you over skype or something :smiley:

@ owemeone kenobi could you do that for me also? i have an overshield fail id like to post to rooster teeths fails of the weak