Upload clips.

343 should introduce the automatic upload clip if you get a Overkill+ or something challenging, like sticking some one with a plasma grenade. I got an a extermination the other day and I forgot to upload it.

Like how in Battlefield 4 where it automatically records a clip when I rank up? Or in Alien Isolation when I get a particular achievement? That would be cool.

Yeah, you can say that a medal in halo is like an achievement in Alien’s. So when ever you get a sweet medal in halo, or in Alien’s when you get an achievement, it records the process it took to get the award.

Let’s say you got an overkill in halo, 1st kill, 2nd kill, 3rd kill, and 4th kill, and after you get the medal it says overkill at the bottom of the screen and clip saved.

In Forza Horizon 2, if you preform a badass jump It records the jump automatically. But instead of the badass jump it’s an overkill.

You understand brah.

Repost. My bad.