upgrade halo odst

I think that a halo 4 odst 2 should be made so it could be more like halo reach guns like the shotgun for instence the halo 3 shotgun sucks witch is what was used in the halo 3 odst now say you upgraded it to a halo reach shotgun then id be safer roaming around new mombasa or were ever my character is going. and i think that a map shoulda came with the game for the mombasa streets.
but yeah they should upgrade the halo 3 odst to an new odst 2 or halo 4 odst 4. they should keep the silenced smg and the odst magnum cause those guns are good and maybe there should be more silenced weapons a or maybe custamize your gun selection that would be great.
The mapping system was pretty good i liked it and everything.
If they make a new odst like what im saying here. I also think there should be a team with u that you can actually command like you can tell them to take cover, run distraction or a flanking route, stuff like that that would be awsome.
There should also a new way to kill an enemy from behind by assasinateing them or whatever like in reach.

If this game is made i would be estatic, and it would be greatly appricated if you guys take this seriusly, thank you (:.

They are made with totally different engines so it wouldn’t work too well. Not to mention that’d just be wasting time for things like Halo Anniversary and Halo 4. I’d prefer to play those over ODST or 3. Even though Halo 3 and ODST were awesome in their own ways i’m pretty sure they’ve run their course.

Especially ODST, but I like your ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah i would like to play halo 4 and anniversity first but still i think a new odst would be great like i liked odst it was great but it coulda bin better i wanna know whats gonna be the next move for that squad, cause unlike noble team they didnt die, lol

Awsome idea, jesse1148!
I would love to see that stuff, especially a second ODST game!

Actually, these changes and more would be great for an XBL ODST Arcade Shooter, something that would work like (compete with) what Section 8 does.

Only you would be using a drop pod to land into combat.

Don’t listen to me, I’m just thinking out loud.

lol yeah ? and yeah i kinda got the troop command thoughts are from army of two 40 th day

Thank you shawdo ahaha (: u see were im coming from lol

> Thank you shawdo ahaha (: u see were im coming from lol

Your welcome.
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lol yeah ma bad it is ur name i just messed up ;p lol (:

> lol yeah ma bad it is ur name i just messed up ;p lol (:

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