Upgrade battlepas to premium not possible?

Hi all,

I bought the regular battlepas but I want to upgrade it, sadly I don’t see any option to upgrade it. Only option I see is ‘boost’ which will be around 5750 creddits which is around 50 bucks.

Wym you bought the “regular” Battle Pass? By default everyone already owns the Battle Pass because there are free rewards that you earn, however there are other rewards you only get by upgrading to what’s called the “Premium” Battle Pass, which costs real money, which then allows you to earn those other rewards I mentioned before.

He wants the bigger premium pass with the XP grants and is part of the problem why we have this asinine system.

Why not go to the store and spend 15 bucks for a blue paint job or 20 bucks for an white armor? ROFL

I hope your next salad bowl is too small for all the ingredients to proper mix together.

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well you have the regular one and the one with that gives you 25 lvls and extras? not sure cause I just bought the one for 10 bucks instead of the other one.

allright dude, hey do your thing, I just asked one thing and that’s it. have a nice day


The $10 one gives you the Battle Pass but you still need to play and earn XP towards the levels.

The $25 one gives you the Battle Pass and automatically unlocks like 20 levels I think. You still need to play and unlock the rest, but this one gives you the first 20 or so for free.

You own the Battle Pass currently, both the free and premium version, you just gotta play and earn XP and the XP goes towards unlocking the stuff in the Battle Pass.


Once you buy the battle pass the other option is no longer available. Every battle pass in every game does this

You can either buy just the battle pass and start at level 1 or pay extra and skip to level 25. Once you choose one option the other option is no longer available. If you want to skip to level 25 you now have to pay the regular price of 200 cr per level.

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