Updates we want

So I love this game. I play it everyday, but I’m sure it’s obvious that it’s not perfect; far from it. So what are the updates you’d like in halo 5 or even in halo 6. I’ll list some of my own

All game types that have been in any halo. They don’t have to be in matchmaking. We just want them for Customs. INFECTION!!!

More and varied social playlists. Action sack. Buff said

Campaign scoring. I have no idea why this isn’t in the game. It just makes campaign more enjoyable

Record clips in theatre. The Xbox dvr is annoying and doesn’t work at times

Campaign theatre.

File share. In a game where you put as much effort as you did in forge why wouldn’t you also add a way to share those creations

Support community creations a bit more. Add arena maps to matchmaking as you did with breakout. Community test them though first in a social arena playlist.

Original maps. Enough with these reimaginings. Most people don’t like them. You take good maps and turn them into these small hallway maps that are overpowered by close quarters weapons such as the storm rifle.

(Countradiction) pay homage to past maps. Add recreations of maps from previous halos such as the Pitt and sanctuary

Fix forge bugs such as the damn lighting bug that turns your objects black

Add all previous weapons and vehicles same as game types. They don’t even have to be available in warzone.although if you can balance them correctly then by all means

Armor and other cosmetics unlocked by actions such as in halo 3

Make matchmaking match teams against each other