Updates, Patches, Additions, & Things MCC NEEDS

  • Overall Patches: Lighting, Textures, Sounds, Materials, etc… there’s still changes needing correction to all entries to be accurate to how they were originally

  • Crashes/Freezes: Self explanatory, though it’s most common when playing CO-OP. Halo 3 for example just freezes gameplay randomly then completely black screens forcing a hard reset

  • Desync/lag: Considering custom games (not the browser) for both MP and FF are PTP and run perfectly fine, it would be amazing for the campaign to run smoothly all the same with better net coding

  • Missions Not Counting: When playing Co-op, certain missions just don’t count as being ‘completed’. Rather annoying when doing full playthroughs or trying to complete the ‘master chief saga’ playlist with an friend, or any full game playlists with said missions co-cop. These Missions are; The Maw, The Heretic, & The Armory

  • Un-skippable Cutscenes: Self explanitory, certain cutscenes just aren’t skippable, such as the end to Forward Unto Dawn (halo 4) & the end of The Maw (halo CE). There’s an few others, but those were an couple

  • Crossplay: Self explanatory, crossplay for the Halo campaigns that don’t already have them, including Spartan Ops

  • Online Campaign: Make a Campaign match composer. That along with fixing the net coding i feel as though people would really love, playing the campaign across the world with friends OR randoms smoothly. Just like in the original games, but better!
    An option to que for 2, 3, & 4 players individually, along with que-ing for multiple games, & a vote system for what mission to start off on within the Composer would be perfect

  • Open Campaign: An option within the Campaign options to make your playthrough open, as in anyone could join in mid session, would be cool

  • End Result QUIT: Within the End Result screen, an way to just quit the Campaign from there, instead of having to load into the next mission and then quit, would be nice

  • More than 2: For CE & Halo 2, update them so that there can be 4 players like the other campaigns

  • Difficulty: Specifically with Halo: Reach. Lengendary difficulty is not accurate to how it was originally, mostly related to how aggressive the AI is

  • customization addition!: An toggle, just like with the skins, to change chief/the arbiter to your custom MP spartan/elite. For CE, 2, 3, & 4

  • Skulls: Keep adding all the CE:A & H2:A skulls & Acrophobia to all Campaign games, including Firefight & Spartan Ops
    Just make them all universal!

  • CE:A GBP Skull in classic graphics

  • Golden MOAS: add them to Halo 2, Halo CE, & Halo 4

  • Halo 2 Classic: Fix the music… it’s waaay too quiet compared to the Anniversary & other SFX

  • CE:A & H2:A skins: CE weapons/vehicle skins should translate over to the Anniversary addition. and Halo 2 should use any skins from the Halo 2 classic customization (when any is added) and said skins should as well translate over to the Anniversary addition

  • Playlists: Just add more, be them per game or cross-game. Especially an Marathon playlist to surpass the ‘chief saga’ would be nice

  • Overall (patches): general optimization of the games, such as H2:A & Halo 4

  • Overall (Connection issues): When connecting to an matchmade server, there’s a chance to ‘loose connection’ at random… and thusly get wrongly punished for it

  • Overall (BOTS): The good kind that is. Just like with Halo Infinite, introducing BOTS to the multiplayer would be cool. Mostly for if/when someone leaves, or heck, even for CUSTOM games

  • Ban system: There should be no punishment for leaving Social games, but if there is to still be punishment, have it inforced after multiple continuous leavings. Said ‘spree’ of leavings will reset after an day, thusly fairly excuses those whom did nothing wrong. same goes with FF

  • indication!: an in match indication that show’s who’s using M&K or controller, rather than just in the lobby

  • Mid-session: A option to join mid-session games would also be cool, just incase there’s games that had players leave. But having it as an option to toggle on/off would be nice

  • shush!: Blocking a user will prevent you from seeing what they say in the chat

  • Anti-Cheat: I’m sure it’s working considering how little hackers there seems to be… though there seems have been some that slip through the cracks. But even if they are just false flags, no harm in going through the code of said anti-cheat to be sure there’s nothing that could slip past it, double check it if you will

  • CE SFX: The sounds of Halo CE’s MP is sooo quiet, practically hard to even hear my own magnum firing. Especially when compared to the other games on the same volume, Halo CE MP is so quiet. and no, the Anniversary option doesn’t help either, it just changes the sounds but… still very quiet like with Classic SFX

  • waiting… (bug): sometimes after an set amount of matchmade games, the loading screen tends to take its sweet time. OR leaving the lobby after an match will just be stuck forever on ‘leaving…’ forcing an force-quit of the game

  • Anniversary Multiplayer Game sounds 2: Make another option to change Halo 2’s MP sound effects to the Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign sound effects

  • Restarting Search: seriously, why does this happen? it’s not an network issue, it just happens randomly. you find an match, the party fills up, and then restart. heck, i’ve had it where it restarted 5 times in a row, meanwhile finding matches within seconds after restarting

  • Custom Games: Given the amount of custom options in Halo 2 that was added, it would be amazing if they were shared and expanded upon with the other Halo game’s customs too! Skulls included

  • Halo 4 Custom games (set loadouts): There are missing Tactical Packages & Support Upgrades within the pre-selected loadouts in custom games. These Include;
    Tactical Packages
    Support Upgrades
    -Drop Recon

  • CGB Spectator: Add an option to join an game as an spectator

  • Match Composer: Updating the UI to allow certain gamemodes per game… would be really appreciated given how certain modes feel different in certain games. IE i can que for:
    H3 Snipers, H2:A SWAT & Slayer, Reach snipers, slayer, & precision slayer, Halo 2/CE Flags, & Halo 4 KOTH & Swat
    Just as an example of an possibility if the composer is expanded upon

  • Competitive: For those whom fancy that side, i’m sure they’d not only appreciate an UI akin to Social’s Match Composer, so that more than one mode can be qued for. but also more modes, IE: Snipers, Swat, Oddball, Griffball, KOTH, Flags, Bombs, etc…

  • Maps: Concept maps & more Halo ONLINE maps

  • H2:A MP: fix the bug that just prevents players from even playing the darn game

  • Spawns: It feels like Spawn camping is an very common occurrence. Especially spawning in gun fire, or right next to an enemy. Also heck predictable spawns

  • Additional modes: ELITES for both survival and generators, Players split between survivors & Elites

  • UNSC Elites: Just like ODST, a mode for Reach’s FF where enemy Covenant carry UNSC weapons. A option to change the wave to such in custom FF would also be cool

  • Reach Allies: Once again like ODST, an option for all maps to have UNSC boon allies would be neat, instead of just Installation 04

  • Halo ODST Additional Elites: There are missing ELITE ranks within FF for both enemies & allies that should be included within Custom FF. These include;
    Minor/Major Stealth Elites, Zealots, Ultras, & Heritics.
    Also for sake of completion, include the Season 7 Elites as possible elite spawns too. These are;
    Accord (Minors that use UNSC weapons), Artisan (Major elites), Generals (Sword elite), Keepward (Major or Sword elite), Ossoona (Major elite), Scion (Minor & Major elite), & Seneschal (Major elite)

  • Grunt Allies: ODST & Pilot allies alongside Marine allies. Additionally, Grunt allies should be included alongside Elite allies (both regular & Spec-ops)

  • Forerunner Enemies: Restore Drones as enemies in Reach’s FF

  • Allie Assassinations: Elite players should be able to assassinate NPC/AI ODST/Marines

  • Spartans: Make an new mode for ODST where you play as your Halo 3 spartan instead of your ODST

  • Post game Poses: Poses for ODST & Reach at the end of FF missions based on player score of course

  • Spartan Ops: Include it to FF’s Match Composer for fun

  • CGB-FF: Add an custom game browser for Firefight & Spartan ops

  • Maps: In Halo Reach’s campaign, there’s multiple locations that were holdout spots that could be turned into FF maps. These are;
    The Hold out sections of Winter Contingency, the opening beach section of Long Night of Solace, the elevator Hold out section of Exodus, the Hospital in New Alexandria, & Lone Wolf

  • FIRESALE!: Allow us to purchase whatever we want, instead of having to unlock stuff in order to get to an certain page

  • Theater: A indicator to tell the player what games are aplicable for Theater. or at the very least try to make Theater for CE & Halo 2

  • Forge: Just in general, add more options. Such an low grav areas, Forgeable AI, etc… along with adding Halo ONLINE’s options to Halo 3’s Forge

  • Open World Forge: The ability in Forge to remove outside the map Soft/Kill Barriers along with removing Invisible walls

  • New Forgeable Maps: Self explanatory, more maps! Including sections from the Campaign(s) & Spartan ops

    Challenge Hub
  • Daily Challenges: Keep the Challenges that give SP as Weeklies whiles changing the XP only Challenges into Daily Challenges

  • Monthly Challenges/Tactical Exercises: In the ‘Zombie Prevention’ Challenge, it states “Earn 500 HEADSHOTS in matchmade games” yet… only the BR is an available Weapon. Would be nice if the other Precision weapons that also headshot weren’t excluded, such as the… DMR, Magnum, Silenced Magnum, Sniper, Beam Rifle, Binary Rifle, Carbine, & the Needle Rifle

  • MORE!: Additional Challenges, or more variety in challenges per week would be amazing. Because at the moment, every week has been practically the same exact challenges, rather than an different experience of challenges for both XP & SP challenges for each week

  • Minor bug: The ‘New items!’ doesn’t update when new items are acquired, really only updates after an few games OR the collection is restarted

  • Improved ‘New Items!’: There should be an ! indicator on the respective game that has an New Item. It was like that before, and it was better than sifting through the games to see which one has the New Item


  • Sharing: Shared Visors, armor effects, & Skins for all Games
  • Skins!: Make skins for EVERY vehicle & weapon, leave no machine un-turned
  • Armor Effects: Split them between DEATH effects & ARMOR effects. so that people can have, for example, GBP along with Inclement Weather
  • Poses: For specific poses, an option to change the held Weapon would be nice
  • Cut Content: Self explanatory, add any more cut content to the game’s customization


  • MYTHIC; ON!: Add the rest of the MYTHIC armor to Reach. IE the shoulders, chests, legs, & backpacks

  • Helmets: Overall NEW attachment… Damaged VISOR for all helmets akin to the ‘MARINER/DEFIANT’ Varrient. Considering an Damaged Visor version is seen at the end of Lone Wolf… it shouldn’t be hard adding those as options

  • Shoulders: ‘Left Security’ should have an toggle for said machete

  • FP shoulders: Have the respective shoulders actually show up on the first person model, rather than non

  • Chest/Prosthetic arm: Add an toggle on each chest that has an prosthetic to swap said prosthetic between ‘Right, Left, Both’ said options being self explanatory

  • Missing Prosthetics: Give an Prosthetic to the chests that don’t already have one IE: Assualt/Commando, Collar/Grenadier [BASE ver.], HP/HALO, Tactical/LRP, UA/Base Security & [W] version, Ua/Multi-threat & [W] version, & UA/ODST

  • Chest Bug: Please on the ‘EXO/TSCS’ put the darn knife on the chest, instead of having it float between your feet… it’s distracting

  • Missing Cut Chest: The Preserve Chest piece is still not included

  • Wrist: Toggle once again for each Wrist to be either on ‘Right, Left, Both’ of each arm. OR another menu for the other wrist

  • Utility: Just like the wrist, either an toggle or another menu to put an Utility on the other thigh. Although if one is selected, the small-arms weapons (IE the Magnum & Plasma Pistol) will have to be moved either on or below of said Utility to avoid clipping

  • FF Voices: Additional Firefight voices would be cool, IE: Arbiter, Yip-Yap, Gravemind, Tarterus, 343 Guilty Spark, Superintendent, ODST Squad (individually from ODST), etc…

  • Elites: Given that the Techsuit doesn’t change between the many armors, it would be nice to have more options to change our elites. IE Helmet, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, & Legs

  • NEW BACKPACKS: IE: Carter’s satchel, Jun’s Backpack, Jorge’s Backpack (going to have to shift the jetpack over it), & Cortana’s Canister


  • More than one: Campaign Anniversary Chief to swap between
  • The Old…: Bring in the E3 Master chief as an armor option
  • Elites: Maybe?


  • More than one… again: Campaign Anniversary Chief/Arbiter/Honor Guards for both Spartan & Elites
  • Honored Elites: Halo 2 Classic Arbiter & classic Honor Guards as armor for Elites
  • half-jaw: Either as a helmet or an option, it would be cool for our elite’s to have an half-jaw akin to Rtas Vadum


  • Spartan: Given the artstyle, bringing over Halo 4 & Halo Online armor would be cool along with Reach’s
  • Elites: Halo Online armor


  • Techsuit: Finish adding the other Collored techsuits for the GEN 2 & CHAINMAIL/DRAGONSCALE/LATTICEWEAVE
  • Fire!: Make the ‘Legacy’ fire as an armor effect, rather than a chest piece
  • NMPD: NMPD styled armor
  • Finish the style: Add the rest of the Halo Online & Halo 4 armor, including the ELITE catalog H4 armor
  • Further Honored Elites: Arbiter armor
  • Half-jawed: Either as a helmet or an option, it would be cool for our elite’s to have an half-jaw akin to Rtas Vadum
  • Unreleased But Complete: There are armor in the game files that are complete but have yet to be released. These include; Operator, Spectrum, Defender, Extractor, Blast, Knight, & Strider
  • Elite Waists: The Halo Online (Season 7) Elite legs do not change the Waist armor accordingly. It simply stays as the Default waist rather than using the Halo online waist stored on the Cleric Armor


  • Skins: At the very least have skins selected in Halo 3 translate over to ODST
  • Character: NMPD, Pilot, & Marine (female versions too) as options, along with the fire team Raven characters (both helmet on & off) & SGT Stacker
  • Change of Look: Halo 2/Halo 3/Reach ODSTs?
  • Poses: Because of course


  • armor: Halo Reach, Mythic, Raven, & missing Halo ONLINE armor

  • Techsuit: Just like how Halo 3 got an gen 2 styled techsuit(s), it would be cool for Halo 4 to get an gen 1 styled Techsuit

  • Gear Menu: Update the GEAR menu to be more inline with the others

  • Gear Loadouts: There are missing Tactical Packages & Support Upgrades, these include: Resistor (Maintain full mobility while taking fire), Fast Track (Bonus XP), Recharge (Reduces the delay from when shields start recharging from 6 seconds to 5 seconds), & Survivor (Ejects the user from a vehicle when it explodes)

  • Preview: When previewing your Halo 4 armor, for random people their Halo 4 armor just wont show up until they change the Body Type. Instead it’l show whatever prior armor was being previewed that wasn’t Halo 4. This has happened to both xbox and pc users

  • Similar Armor: Halo 5 customization would be dope. Such as the HELIOSKRILL armor

  • Elites again: …maybe?

    Player ID
  • Emblem: Individual Emblems for Reach, Halo 3, Halo ODST, & Halo 4

  • Emblem Colors: Forget the color presets, give color wheels for each color location

  • Avatar: An screenshot of an game chosen spartan in their pose that the player chose in the Customization

  • Nameplate: Original Halo game’s Nameplates

  • Achievement Rewards: Given all the missing/needed armors, skins, etc… and the amount of achievements, it would be an dope return to form for each achievement to reward something for customization aside form a Nameplate & Avatar
    or at the very least, have them award XP/SP

  • End of the line: Something for reaching the MAX RANK and/or 100% the Collection would be cool

  • UI INFO: An option in the settings to toggle on/off UI that shows FPS, PING, GPU temp, etc…

  • Duel Wielding Controls: An option for the Base Reload button to reload BOTH duel wielding weapons, instead of it being two buttons

  • At Ease: A specific button or button combo for PC players to lower their weapon, rather than having to switch to a controller to do so

  • Backgrounds: Bring in ALL of the ORINGINAL Backgrounds from the past games to choose from. and i mean ALL of them

  • Loading…: Just like how there is Custom Backgrounds. Why not also have custom loading screens? Be it when loading into a mission or a MP map, the ability to change the loading screen to one from the past would be cool. The current loading screen being the ‘default’ of course

  • FP arms: Increase the range of the sliders so that the arms can be on one end of the screen or the other

  • FP arms flip: for those whom want their spartan using their other hand, an option to flip/mirror the first person arms would be cool

  • UI Anniversary: I’d get if this one wasn’t incorporated, but… an option to change the overall menu UI to be akin to the UI’s of old would be cool! with probably obviously some creative liberties with certain parts. but with some work, i recon it would work & be cool.

  • Anniversary Medals: Include the Original+ Medal display for all games that aren’t already included

  • New content option: Expand on the option of weather new customization can be seen or not. IE, what seasons of armor customization for each games will be seen, along with weather weapon/vehicle customization will be seen for each game

  • Custom Music: Just like with Custom Backgrounds, an option for Custom music with each menu would be cool. Including all music for Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST, 4, Reach’s menu along with the main menu & Multiplayer menu. Customization menu will play whatever the prior menu was
    and FF will depend on the menu. Custom Reach/ODST should play their respective music. Whiles Matchmaking would play the Multiplayer music

  • Saturation Slider: For those whom want things more or less saturated. Of course just like with the color blind options, make it so that you can change the slider for the individual games

    Overall Issues/Additions
  • UE4 Crash: This is the most common crash and it can happen for multiple reasons, be it certain MP maps. OR changing between games constantly, though the issue seems to have been lessened… it still happens when switching between all the games from time to time

  • Fatal Error: Some users seem to randomly get this bug whenever setting up/hosting a game, would be nice for this to be fixed. Along with additional text for any/all errors explaining to the players why the Error happened so that it could be fixed

  • Xbox Gamepass: With random users again, when attempting to play the MCC through gamepass, it just wont let them by saying ‘Your account is not authorized to play’ something like that. It’l eventually just… randomly again fix itself. and though it can happen to those who paid for the game, it’s more prominent for Gamepass users

  • Cross purchase: If MCC is purchased on the XBOX store, it should be playable from the microsoft store (on pc) in turn

  • UI hitbox. Certain UI boxes do not align with where the mouse is, easiest example is the Match composer. your mouse could be hovering over SWAT yet SNIPERS would be glowing as if you were hovering over it

  • Friend list UI: could the size of it be made smaller horizontally? it’s annoying having to move my mouse further than it needs to be, especially considering the ‘expanded’ list does nothing aside from moving it slightly to the left

  • Steam Workshop: Honestly this would be really cool to add, something akin to Team Fortress 2’s workshop, players can upload weapons/vehicle skins, armor, poses, nameplates, avatars, along with forged maps, and by the end of say an month, 343 will pick their favs and add them to the game. Here’s what i’m thinking… the current dev made items in the Exchange get turned into achievement items, whiles Workshop items get put into the exchange to make up for it. Perfect compromise i’d recon

  • Steam workshop (mods): or alternatively, if the former isn’t an option, then at least incorporate the steam workshop as a way for players to easily upload, install, and play mods. Of course they’l have to use the ‘no anti-cheat’ mode to get them to work, but still! would be cool non the less.
    though it would be amazing for both worlds to happen

  • Custom addition(s): However if non of those will happen, at the very LEAST, make a ‘custom edition’ folder for all the games, instead of just CE. So that when installing mods, they wont have to replace certain files

  • Mod Toggle: Whiles encouraging modding, also add an UI Menu that allows the user to Enable or Disable certain mods that they have installed. Akin to that of Left For Dead 2’s modding. It’l allow players to have multiple mods installed whiles also letting them disable mods without outright uninstalling them. Heck even finding conflicting mods
    or if not an in game menu, then at least include an MOD Launcher for easily installing mods, checking mods, etc…

  • Medal Bandolier: For both MP & Campaign, add more medals that were in the prior games and/or were introduced in the new games, IE h5
    These include:
    Linktacular (343 instead of Bungie), H. Ryan Memorial, Big Game Hunter, Avenge me!, Bros to the end, Seek & Destroy, Funkadelic, Party Animal, Love Machine, Wildcat Destabilizer, Ennobled, Thank the Maker (343 instead of Bungie), Gutpunch, Sayonara, Hard Target, Alley-oop, Combat Evolved, Last shot, Spray n’ Pray, BXR, Nadeshot, Fastball, Quickdraw, Team Takedown (assist & kill), Top Gun, Clutch kill, Game saver, Snipunch, Airborn snapshot, Hat Trick, Big Game Runner, Power Player, Snipalisious, Flyin’ high, Roadtrip, Buckle up
    Of course include these medals all in the campaign & MP as the ‘Unified Medal Display’ option

  • Skullionair!: For the Campaign, Custom MP, FF, & Spartan Ops, Include NEW skulls for all games. These suggestions include;

-Blown Minds (enables effects of classic H2’s Grunt Birthday Party skull, headshots cause most enemies to explode like a plasma grenade, the grenade depends on the faction. UNSC = Frag, Covenant = Plasma grenade, Flood = Carrier form/Frag, Forunner = Sentential explosion, & Promethean constructs = Pulse grenade)

-No Acceptable Losses : Grants energy shields to all enemy units

-Lead Head / Metal Head / Thick Skull : Disables headshot bonus damage (nothing can be headshot, not even CE hunters or the flood, instead just take regular body damage)

-Methane Additives (base Grunt values are increased)/(H1 + H2): All Unggoy are armed with fuel rod guns. Movement speed of Unggoy increased by 50%. & (H3+): All Unggoy immediately ignite plasma grenades and charge upon spotting the player

-Skull and Crossbones (base Jackal values are increased)/ (H1): (Jackals share the needler). & (H2+): All Jackals are equipped with full-size point defense gauntlets. Jackal Infantry are armed with Carbines. Sniper Jackals will no longer panic if encountered in close quarters. Skirmishers jump 50% higher, and carry focus rifles.

-Light of Sangheilios (base Elite values are increased)/ [CE] Sword wielding Elites carry an arm gauntlet (akin to the one that was cut). [H2+] All elites carry an energy sword to pull out when angered/in close quarters. [Reach] All have armor lock and do so more often

-Kicked Hive (base Drone values)/Movement speed increased by 100%

-Big Green Style/Ooh-Rah (base Marine/Trooper/ODST/Spartan-IVs/Elites/Covenant allies values are increased)/ flat performance bonus (more health, increased accuracy, etc.) for Crew/Marines/Troopers/ODSTs/SPARTAN-IVs/Elite/Covenant allies

-Prophet Birthday Party skull effects altered, now increases base Prophet values. Performance bonus that stacks with other skulls. Regret teleports around more often. Destroying a holographic projector in the Halo 3 campaign causes the riff sound effect. Meleeing Truth’s corpse also causes the riff sound effect.

-Hardware Override (base Promethean construct values are increased)/Crawlers pounce at drastically increased ranges. Hardlight shields projected by Watchers have unlimited duration. Knight data residues never expire, and they can be resurrected multiple times.

  • Carnage report!: Update the FF & Campaign Carnage report to be as detailed as the MP Carnage Report

  • Splitscreen: As it terns out, PC players cannot splitscreen… would be coolio if they could have 4 player splitscreen for co-op & MP

If there are any BUGS/ADDITIONS that I missed or that you want, do be sure to reply with your request. Hearing what others want of the big Halo collection is cool. Make your voice heard!


everything you listed is exactly what i want to see happen in the mcc in the coming months


It’s a hot take, I think for Halo Reach, the Devs should restore the cut multiplayer maps such as lockout, etc and replace the Bungie forge-made maps with them…


You realize there are already like, twelve active threads that are the exact same as this one, right?

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i don’t think they should replace the current forge maps. however i do agree in that they should bring back said cut maps along side them


this is very true, however given that november is around the corner, i wanted to voice my wishlist for the game before any service for it ends


This would be an excellent opportunity for a community contest, now that 343i has released the Reach mod tools.

Asylum/Sanctuary, Pinnacle/Ascension, The Cage, Paradiso

Either released as individual maps or hard-baked into Forge World’s BSP with (potentially) more variety than generic Forerunner adamantine construction blocks. For potential examples:

  • Pinnacle re-realized as an UNSC (hydroelectric? thermal?) generator station
  • Asylum re-realized as a Covenant artillery base, the central structure replaced by a Tyrant AAA emplacement and everything else being auxiliary assets
  • The Cage… Forerunner? Maybe a Covey prison platform?
  • Paradiso as a micro-battlefield, one side UNSC and the other side Covey, and the central structure being Forerunner

Hemorrhage doesn’t need a revision, though a BSP overhaul into a remastered Coagulation would be quite neat with the Reach sandbox.


theres is definitely a certain things mcc could do to make each halo better than it originally was but should they, can they? as much as my experience with the game not running smoothly goes H2A definitely needs a fix, i play on series x and it still very much has droping frames. the game does need to fix some audio issues, got some in halo reach and 4 and where ever else they might be. i like your idea about bringing original backgrounds back but what about each games original menu, like what if they made it so the mcc whole menu looked like the original halo reach!!!

for multiplayer the only new maps i wanna see are more remasters of the original halo 2 maps in H2A. customization, i think they could definitely make reach’s better like just making the robot arm a toggle rather than a variant for every chest piece, the shattered visor would be cool as a reward for beating the game on legendary, give us the ability to add wrist and waist armor to both sides, and more freedom with helmet attachments, just let us use any attachment on any helmet we want. imagine, 343 give us an even better customization in reach before infinite, im hoping for it.

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I personaly believe that they should, to improve on the games & in general overall experience for players. and that they should be able to, given time… i mean, they’ve spent 10 or so years learning the BLAM engine, and each version of said engine… they should have the know how to do such things

I like your idea, modifying the UI to be more akin to the past games, such as the amazing UI of Reach… the only downside i see to that is that toggling between differing UI layouts might be an slight pain to make, especially given certain game’s UIs don’t really account for so much stuff. but then again, with some creative liberties, i could see that working. would be dope

with Reach’s customization, whiles it would be 10x smarter for them to make the prosthetic just an toggle in general, rather than individual chest pieces… i don’t think that’s going to happen considering that’s just how the chests are in OG Reach, and given what 343 has already done with the additional chest pieces

I don’t think the waist/Utility on both sides would work given that the small weapons (IE the magnum & plasma pistol) would clip into said armor on the other thigh. and moving them just wouldn’t look right

as for helmet attachments… whiles again i love your idea of giving more freedom, i don’t think that’s going to happen. considering OG Reach’s customization, and how 343 handled them when porting Reach over. would be an pain i’d imagine trying to find an work around for that, especially for certain helmets

as for bug fixes… yeah, just in general there’s so many plaguing the collection for both the campaign & multiplayer. be it poor optimization, sound, lighting, syncing, crashing, etc… honestly those would be top priority, and hopefully they all get adressed & fixed to be accurate and fun


the hip would probably clip with sidearms but i really wouldn’t mind it, we don’t really see our hips in game or in cutscenes with a weapon too often but i still would really like to just fully deck out my spartan. i know some helmet attachments don’t fit on all of them like some mouth and head pieces so i was more referring to like the sides of the helmet like being able to put two of those lights on both sides. im really just wishful thinking but looking at all the crazy stuff they’ve added too mcc i dont see why they couldn’t do some of these.


For those whom pay attention, i recon it would be quite distracting if they were clipping. like how the knife on the EXO/TSCS is just floating between the feet… but an work around would be to place the sidearm on the side of the Utility. like how the JETPACK would have to be if any backpacks are added.

as for the attachments… i get what your saying. but given how the catalog is already set up… like with the prosthetics, i doubt they’d be willing to change how the attachments work. making them individual & expansive for all helmets, rather than preset attachments for certain helmets.
but if they were to do that, sharing all the attachments across the board for all helmets, & giving the ability to apply certain attachments for ‘top, left & right’ sides of the helmet respectably. that would be dope… although the NOBLE catalog would have to be overhauled to make up for the attachments not being preset per helmet anymore…

i dunno, i could just be over thinking it, & trying to logically stay in line with what 343 has already done with the stuff already. but then again it could be possible, with some work, to expand on the helmet attachments overall

Or you know… They could FIX the MCC… Just saying, campaign coop is still suffering from the same bug firefight was plagued with for months!

i mean, that’s just an given overall. fix any & all issues plaguing the collection

Bump: Additional requests added all around. If there are any Patches/Additions that i’m missing, or that you want, do say something. Would be cool to hear what others want in the Collection

Add Campaign Coop Matchmaking to that list, and everything on this list is really good ideas!


A per-game color saturation slider would be welcome on both PC and console. CE and 2 Anniversary are oversaturated. And I’ve always felt Reach could use a touch more saturation to suit my personal tastes. This reminds me of Battlefield 3 and how almost everyone wanted to remove the blue filter, but DICE just acted insufferable and never gave us the option. People weren’t asking for the default settings to change, they were asking for options.

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That is an really good idea! I almost forgot about that in Reach, being able to que up for online campaign

Fair enough then, and given the settings they already have, color saturation would fit right in & provide more visual options for players such as yourself

They need to add the bandana and acrophobia skull to Halo 4


A universal skull list (eg. H2A’s) applied to each title within MCC would be very appreciated.
Especially if they could be implemented into custom multiplayer as well (like what 343i somehow managed to wrangle into Halo 2 Classic MP back in 2019).

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