Updates being PC only is a serious bummer

With Infinite being a big ol waste of potential and MCC getting PC only updates…

Hard not to feel like the OG halo fan base, us Xbox bois are getting the shaft. :confused:

On PC myself so this is welcome news.

Hopefully something like the Steam workshop is added to the console version for mod support.

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Mods are very popular on pc, it’s one of the main advantages of having a pc compared to consoles, you don’t see them on console at all usually, except fallout 4. i knew that mod support was coming to MCC so i decided to build a nice pc in 2020, unfortunately right now graphics card cost a lot
maybe they’ll find a way to make some of the content available on console as well

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I think some of it might be snuck in with a map release or two, others possibly with a settings option here and there

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Yep not great news but think they said they’d tried to if they can on consoles. Moments like this makes me wonder why I like console gaming since I hate paying for Xbox Live and restrictive system. Not big fan of PC gaming but kind of feel like I’d more likely to just play this on the Steam Deck if it actually works.