Updates are to big

Me: I know I will have a quick go on halo before bed
Xbox one: no you won’t, not unless you accept a 5gb update.
Me: forget that then as it will be an hour before I can play. Wish I didn’t get all these massive updates that make my ISP put me on a go slow.
Seriously sick of it to be honest halo is no worse than any other game, just happens to be the one I put in when I had a spare hour. Grrrrrrrr, rant over and so is the chance of me playing halo

Hope you didn’t pick up BF4 on release then.

you should really pay more attention to the forums so you can update halo when it comes out

I’m surprised you can even stomach playing MP on a connection that slow. An hour for only 5gs? Where do you even still find those 1000 free hour AOL discs?

That’s why I have auto updates on, it downloads all that crap before I even want to play.

I love big updates, it injects a bunch of content into the game. The fact it takes up time to download isn’t that big of a problem compared to how much you’ll get in the game after waiting.