Updated Warzone Question

So after the new war zone FF update, obviously there are some changes to the regular war zone game mode as well. These being that the bosses that spawn are randomized, and the legendary bosses are less amounts of VP etc etc. These ideas sounded great, however, I really think that these changes made regular war zone an almost entirely different game. Let me tell you why!

In my experience of playing regular war zone BEFORE the update, I felt that I always knew what bosses would spawn and when, and ALSO I never felt that there were too many bosses being spawned at once. This left a lot of the gameplay up to the 2 teams trying to position and work towards fighting over the different armories and middle bases. And then every now and then, a boss would spawn that you would want to take down.

But now, AFTER the update, I feel like bosses are being spawned much more frequently, and it almost feels like holding different bases on the map plays a much smaller part. I feels like the gameplay is focused around breaking out your reqs to kill the AI bosses quicker than the enemy team can. I think that legendary bosses with less VP now plays a part in that because they spawn in more smaller bosses to make up for the reduced VP in legendary bosses. Also, the run time of these regular war zone games are longer now, and I’m not entirely sure that regular war zone is the most efficient way to get RP.

As for my opinion about this, whether you care or not haha, I think I preferred the old war zone game flow over this new updated war zone. What are your thoughts? Which one do you like better?

I think there need to be some tweaks. Like bosses should not spawn at bases, but overall the refresh was necessary.

I think the refresh idea was good, such as changing up the bosses and adding new ones. I just think that by having an even greater number of bosses spawn in war zone changed the way that the game plays. I would also agree with you that bosses should not spawn in bases

It was getting annoying, having bosses spawn at the same location and time every match. People would wait outside of their spawn to kill them immediately with a ghost splatter, and that really took the fun out of it. Unfortunately, now the pacing of the bosses is a little off. Sometimes a regular boss will spawn before a nearby legendary boss is even below half health, though that may be because they’re not enough players attacking the boss. And more often than not, the final, mythic boss is still is still alive at the end of the match because they have so much health and the scores are so high that one team is bound to reach 1000 just by killing other players and holding bases before they can put a dent in the boss.

I agree with you that it was annoying to have people splattering bosses instantly, and I think that problem was solved pretty well with the randomization of bosses at the different spawns. Also the inability to assassinate shielded boss elites. But like you are saying, they have the pacing of the boss spawns too close together, and at given points in the game, there are like 4-5 different bosses running around the map, because there hasn’t been enough time to kill them

Haven’t been able to play normal war zone yet.

Have you played games of normal war zone before?

No comment on the main thread question, but I think Warzone Assault is the best req/time ratio. Plus it’s practically the same as Invasion from Halo Reach, which was great.

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> No comment on the main thread question, but I think Warzone Assault is the best req/time ratio. Plus it’s practically the same as Invasion from Halo Reach, which was great.

I actually haven’t really played Warzone Assault! Do you play it more for the enjoyment or because it has the best req/time ratio?

Hm, this is interesting. I haven’t played standard WZ since FF dropped, I might have to test drive it. I was a big advocate of randomizing the boss spawns, I know that for sure, because it was getting awful stale as was - like you said OP, it got to be incredibly predictable and repetitive.

Sounds like this dynamic motivates you to focus more on the bosses and less on triple capping. Wonder if that was done as a small means to help try to combat farming.