Updated Phone App

Any word on when the update is gonna come out for waypoint on the windows phone?

Still on the halo reach stat tracking, kinda sucks not having it updated to 4. I like checking out stats between games etc and it would just be like 10x easier on the phone than my laptop.

First world problems huh?

This is the exact question I was going to ask. Have you heard anything else? I think I only played Reach for an hour online and don’t really care about the stats but I would like to have my Halo 4 stuff handy.

At this time there are no plans for a Halo Waypoint app update as 343i decided to focus on the browser experience instead.

All your stats should be avaible for you to browse over at www.Halowaypoint.com

This is a bad choice especially since the ground work for the windows phone app is done. App is awesome yet it is for reach…which who cares about now? I want a native halo 4 experience on a Microsoft phone for a Microsoft game.