Updated needed to increase range in look sensitivity settings for controllers

I’ve read some posts talking about the slow look sensitivity speeds on Halo Infinite, but the most recent one is about a month old now. I really believe this is an issue or an oversight, and one that should be fixed asap for the sake of Halo Infinite’s identity as a FPS game.

Many players and I are faced with the issue of Halo Infinite’s max look sensitivity speeds being capped at a level that is considered not fast enough. I love FPS games, and Halo is one of them. Every other FPS game supports a look sensitivity speed that feels right for me, yet Halo Infinite does not, which makes playing Halo Infinite a sometimes frustrating process before and after playing a different FPS game. I have to spend a few matches readjusting to the capped look sensitivity speed before I can get my bearings. Even then, I am always left feeling unnecessarily limited during gameplay when I can’t make moves that require quick and snappy look speeds that I am already used to.

I can’t imagine this must be a purposeful design decision, nor an oversight that is too difficult to correct promptly. In any case, I please request that 343 increases the range of the look sensitivity speeds for controllers to allow players the option for faster look speeds than what is currently available. Thank you.


I used to play maxed out sensitivity & acceleration in every Halo, I’ve slowed things down a bit in the last couple of years but I still support this because I’ve trialled it in infinite and it felt much slower than previous Halos.

Also, I like A Live Dinosaur’s YouTube vids and wonder how he’s going to cope :joy:

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Allow us to look around like we could in Rainbow Six Siege (pre OPERATION_HIGH CALIBRE update)


This needs some attention. Camera movement is perfect in MCC. Can we please have the option of using that in Infinite?