Updated idea for a good playlist selection

In another post on the Halo 5 forums, I mentioned how too many playlists were not a good thing. People wanted social this, social that, social everything. If you add too many playlists, you split the population too far apart and it’ll cause other problems.

So here’s my playlist wishlist that would benefit the servers, while at the same time, adding a lot more modes:

  • Team Objective (contains Assault, CTF, Strongholds, KotH. Does NOT contain Slayer or Breakout) - Team Slayer (contains Slayer and Breakout, or just Slayer if people decide Breakout should be moved to Team OBJ) - Lone Wolves (Just a spiffy new name for FFA; Has more objective modes like KotH, Oddball, and other exclusive modes–maybe Juggernaut?) - SWAT (contains Slayer, CTF, KotH, and other OBJ modes that would support SWAT’s fast pace) - Big Team Battle (unchanged; Has Slayer, Strongholds, and CTF) - Social Collection (aka Action Sack; Contains many social “fun” modes like Infected, Grifball, Mongoose Sumo, Dodgeball, and many more. This playlist may or may not count towards stats). - Special rotational playlist (featuring limited time modes for weekends)So there you have it. Small enough to support the population, but packed with more modes that people want. Originally, the playlists mainly consisted of Slayer modes, so I figured that objective modes should deserve some love as well. If not, then that’s what the Slayer playlist is for. So what do you think? Good ideas?

(Be advised: All of the modes are ranked, except for the social collection, BTB, and the rotational playlist)