[updated] (food for thought) Bring back pure ranked playlists (team snipers, team tacticle, team duos, team slayer, team objective)

Thoughts on bringing back ranked team slayer. Only have team slayer nothing else on this playlist.
Thoughts on bringing back ranked team snipers. Only have snipers, and shotty snipes on this playlist. (Maybe add team shock rifle as well)
ranked team duo could have a bunch of playlists within it.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, bringing back ranked team tactical, have 100% team tactical on the playlist. Only BR’s. Unless the community wants 5% magnums and manglers team tactical popping up. 5% tops. Pure BR team tactical I think would be amazing on ranked. Thoughts???

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i like the idea of having individual lists for specific game types.
just last night i was running ranked, had 5 objective games in a row and all i wanted to do was slay. i like running ranked because i feel people are more invested in the game and will strive to play better.

I am begging them to do this. They are losing so many people by not having this

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UI can’t handle it :facepunch: :muscle:

This should’ve been a thing since day 1. But yeah, it would be great if they added it to the game.
A less frustrating ranked experience, letting me choose what i want to play and perform well, better than being forced to play a gamemode that i hate so i end being a dead weight to my team.