UPdated beat down system?!

This is an idea off of the Halo 2 button combinations that provided the online gamer the ability to BXR, BRB, ext. Creating a button combination that triggered instead of an accidental glitch, but the next evolution in First Person Shooter Games. These button combinations could trigger such strikes as a Mixed Martial Artist would or some type of spartan striking. This would completely alter the melee system. I’m positive several people will agree it has been outdated for quite some time. Honestly with this the ideas are limitless. To me the thing that made Halo 2 so competitive online was the BXR’s and BXB’s and so fourth because it provided a much more fast paced gameplay that really got your blood pumping and gamer sweat on. I can’t imagine the rush of feeling my enemy on the end of a stunning air kicks, devastating takedown, brutal slam, or three hit combo. I sincerely hopes this helps, please contact me if you like the idea.

Long time Halo fan,


What’s this “accidental glitch” you are referring to?
And the BXR and BXB wasn’t an idea, it was an accident. So I doubt that will return, but the idea of an updated melee system gets my attention. No more collision beatdowns.

Ive actually thought about something like this before, where if 2 people melee eachother, then a hard core button mash of sorts with some crazy awesome animations going on would be a cool way to resolve melee battles with out the trading kills we see now, and still being able to prevent the problem of host trumping in melee as in Halo 2