update the Reach playlists one more time.

Sorry 343 but I went back to Reach.
Halo 4’s multiplayer isn’t fun anymore after the weapon TU.

But can you guys update the playlists one more time.
Here is my list

Team slayer
Team objective
Multi team
Team snipers
Living dead
Rumble pit
Big team battle
The arena

coop campaign
anniversary firefight

action sack

FFA DLC (anchor 9 and the anniversary maps, slayer, KotH headhunter and oddball)(anchor 9 isn’t required)
Team anniversary (both classic and normal gametypes)
Noble & Deviant map pack (6v6 slayer and objective)

Some playlist need to go like super slayer because of low population.
And Reach lacks a playlist for DLC so players who bought them can’t play for things like achievements.

I was noticing that too. The vanilla/tu split is fine, but you really don’t need redundant play lists diluting the player pool.

Yes Super Slayer is unneccesary. I would also like FF Doubles and Action Sack back. And I would prefer all playlists to be un-TU. Or if that’s not going to happen, all to be TU. Then at least I will stop screwing up the first games after switching playlists. :wink:

I really would love the DLC Anniversary (Battle Canyon, High Noon, Ridgeline, Solitary, Breakneck), Defiant ( Condemned, Highlands, Unearthed)y and Noble (Tempest, Anchor 9, and Breakpoint) maps for BTB, Slayer or FireFight.

Even when Reach was in vogue, I rarely got to play the Defiant map pack at all.

If the DLC packs aren’t available to play all the time, well no one will even consider buying them - which is what happened to H4.

I too would like to see a matchmaking update for halo reach sometime soon

This. Do this. 343. I will partially forgive you all for mucking up halo if you at least add in Breakpoint to the invasion playlist. i mean, come on! it’s the only other non-community map in the game! give it to us -Yoink!-!

All DLC and anniversary maps are in most playlists. The problem is that you need to be matched with players that have all the maps and you will be presented with those maps in the voting screen. As an awful lot of players dont own them the chances of that happening are extremly rare. I can recall only one game in the last twelve months that i had a DLC map come up in and that was BTB Heavies on Eminence ( Highlands Heavies variant. But i have been in DLC achievment parties wehre all players had all maps and we got DLC maps as an option every game we played.

So guys i would go and post in the recruitment thread and look for players you can play with who own DLC maps who are looking for achievment help. You will get to play on the maps you plid for and also help out someone who needs cheevos on those maps.