Update the Main Menu?

I think the games main menu should be updated to be sleek and much more refined. Honestly its so clunky and leggy when going into customization. Maybe do an infinite update to match that games UI?

I prefer it than the old one

I want to be able to see mine and other people’s spartan/elite in the menu, give them a reason to add stances in the game

And make whatever menu you choose to go into, and when you back out of any menu, open up instantly like it did in Reach instead of having to wait a few seconds between them.

It’s not laggy for me and i’m on the original Xbox One. The only thing that is laggy is when going into the season unlocks. I’d prefer if the backgrounds were representative to the originals and on a cycle rotation for different modes. You know how many times i see the same Reach background in social? That was never updated and it’s been a year since. The first 10 minutes of this video of mine (from 2015) shows how competitive and social in the same list along with lots of playlists. There wasn’t no “how refined do you want your social search to be”. It also shows the original background for MCC. The community wasn’t so spread out and i don’t think intentional AFK/quitting was a common problem.