Update taking forever

So I’ve been downloading halo 5 to my xbox one since last night and its only on 31%. It said it needed to install an 18gb update but I have added all of my bandwith usage on the xbox network settings up and its been around 20gb and its still installing from my internet. I’m installing from disc but its still using my internet to install, anyone know anything about this?

When I was first installing the disk after I got it, it took 9 hours for me in total to install it with the very poor internet I have. I was able to play it at 98% though. I assume your internet connection isn’t the best if it’s using the internet to install the update. I’d say just keep your xbox on for as long as you need to. Patience is a virtue with this, unfortunately :(. While I was installing my game, I had to make sure the controller was still on so my xbox wouldn’t turn off. Just wiggle the left stick every now and then. I also restarted my xbox every now and then (after I paused installation) and that made a small but helpful difference.

But what do I know, I’m not a huge nerd with things like this. Make what you will of my info. Try going on google and looking there?