Update suggestion: Floating Gamertag

Just a short and sweet suggestion:

There should be an option to turn off or modify when a name appears above an enemies head in custom games. I’m sure forgers would appreciate this as it would make hide and seek style games more efficient.
I mean, why hide in this bush when they can just look at the bush and “BushHidingMan420” appears above my head in big, bold, red letters?

Just a suggestion that would ne nice…

I know a lot of personne alredy ask but If we CAN bye split screen online would ne really nice and I think a lot of personne too Will like it. I think halo 5 need to have a split screen online and it Will be the best game ever because I played bo3 and it is really Nice to bye in split screen but I prefer the online in halo :yum:

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  2. There is a thread available for splitscreen discussion that you can use. :slight_smile: