Update question

Ever since I updated Halo 5 around 5 pm, I’ve been playing nothing but Gamers from different countries which in turn has made my gameplay very laggy. Is there a reason for this? Or did I just get really really unlucky? Because that was a terrible gaming experience tonight and I hope to not have that issue in the future.


I would consider checking your search preferences if you haven’t. I always keep mine on focused to find the best quality match connections I can. Aside from that, it did feel a bit off tonight. It looked like there was lag at some parts, but it didn’t feel like there was lag if that makes any sense.

playing with people from different countries is actually part of the matchmaking. i don’t think this was part of the update and for the lag, blame the servers. you can have an excellent speed/connection and you can still get dropped or deal with lag due to congested servers. i read this on a matchmaking update provided by josh for reference.

Just super annoying when it happens 5+games in a row. I have a really good ping and down/up speed but it still doesn’t matter. Always seems like I have a disadvantage every time with shots not registering right and general lag. Oh well. Tonight was better, but still pretty laggy