Update issues psa

Just a psa to halo wars players. We have alk seen or at least heard off the issues with the uodates for this game. To add info/context, my machine (xbox) is jept in instant on mode and auto update mode. Halo has give me a bit of jip in the past with the “download the game again” mess on i think three occasions. No biggy, my internet can deal. But, this time it didn’t. So, i updated and whent about my day. Come to launch the game and got"something whent wrong", so I restarted the xbox. You know, the universal fix lol. This time however the box refused to get going and instead giving me the “something whent wrong” message with an error code allong the lines of
e200 00000074 000000, or there abouts. Don’t panic if you see this, just run through a reset to default settings run and you should come back online. Mine did and seems to be fine.

Not good though 343, this is the only game that screws with my box and seeing these messages and error codes is a bit scary. You guys need to find what is causing this and sort it before you toast someone’s machine completely!

‘edit’ for stupid phone keyboard misses lol.