Update: Halo Outcasts has been delayed

After checking on my Amazon purchases, I saw that my pre-order of Halo Outcasts has been delayed. Now instead of a delivery date in March it has now been delayed to July.

Anyone else looking into the books and awaiting this novel, now you know that we have four more months to wait.

Mine has it as delivery date pending. I am sure it was delayed to July a while back.

Not sure why since it’s about things that don’t really connect to the Lone Wolves story they’re doing. Vale being Lawrence of Arabia with Elites and by the synopsis they’ll be swiftly taken off Sanghelios and sent to story jail. Like the book must be written at this point.

Depends on what the editors have said for the writers to adjust.
And since creative leads at 343 have rotated once again, it makes sense that the new Narrative Director might look a the book plans and go “Nah, we aren’t going with that anymore. Change chapters 14-22 to match up alongside the new narrative synopsis I have given to you.”