Update from 343?

So when do you guys think we are going to hear from 343 on so many topics.

I mean their “vacation” can’t last all of January.

Also weren’t us Gamepass holders sapoosed to get some free cosmetic every month for having Gamepass.

I think they forgot already.

Honestly I think 343 oversold us on the whole Halo Infinite.
Like Broski’s even Biowares Failed Game Anthem had some communication early on.

But yes back to topics

I wonder if they are going to address things like having a bundle that has the same Emblem 4 times, advertising it as 5 items when it’s just 2.

Or maybe the topic of why are Coatings locked to specific items, just make them universal.

If a person buy a shade of blue, that should be the last time that player should have to buy that shade of blue. Don’t be trying to sell us the same shade of blue every week.

Also BTB, Desyncing, sooo much stuff.

I mean they put themselves into this mess, and want us to be patient but honestly what do they expect when they talk up this game as a 6 yr development with a one yr delay… And than pump out a barebones, game that feels more like a mobile online game.

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