update error

help the update put me to install the all game again and when i get to 9gb stops beacause someone knows?

Try leaving the update to run, OP. I think sometimes it looks like it’s not doing anything but it can just take a while, servers will be pretty busy right now as well with lots of people grabbing updates. I wouldn’t reset your console as this will likely trigger a full game download

But since I started to update the game if it takes to start but when it started the 32gb and not the 9gb

Anyone else who has passed?

I just started mine, it froze. Had to hard boot and now I have 32.34 GB.

EDIT : Same thing happened with the last update.

Mine stays in 9.20 gb and no longer advances tells me damaged product

i want a refund

Hey OP, you could try some of the steps mentioned in these posts and see if it helps:

For refunds, if that’s the avenue you wanted to go down, you would have to reach out to the retailer your purchased the game from or XBL / MS Support if you bought it digitally from the store