Update - 22/12/14 - all new bugs + existing

ok so with this new update the improvements made that actually work are party leader can now back out the team while searching , and thats about it-now for the bugs
joining random lobbys still happens, getting stuck after and before game in lobbys still happens, game crash’s still happen, games not loading resulting in loss players still happen, games starting with uneven teams still happen

  • new bugs from the update , lobbys finishing in french and post game carnage report showing incorrect data
  • sometimes when trying to play MM with a team of 3+ you get a message saying 1 or more players are not ready for matchmaking
  • in game chat cuts off randomly even in lobby now ( party chat also gets affected)
  • new random message about checking privileges before starting MM
    this is a message to all thinking about buying the game and where it currently sits & 2 343i, i know some people claim 2 not get these glitches or game errors but because I’m not alone in this you will never know if you will be affected by the bugs or if u somehow got a bug free halo, servers still feel non existent.

on the rarity that this game does get fixed I will be so bored of the few maps we have to play on i won’t want to play anymore, so in this conclusion I’m switching to a truly next gen console i.e. a fast gaming PC,

-throwing in towel R.I.P Halo

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Iv never seen so much wrong with a game after 6 patches. Wow

  • Inability to join custom games and forge in progress.