Upcoming Leader

Hello everyone, so this months Cannon Fodder dropped- link here. In it Grim hints right at the end of the upcoming HW2 leader.

> And speaking staying tuned, make sure you listen out for first details on an awesome new addition coming to the Halo Wars 2 experience that will open up an entirely new can of worms – word has it there might be some new canonically-intriguing details later this week for us to bond over…

Also going by this this picture it looks like we will be getting a Hunter leader.

told ya

Lekgolo leader confirmed!!

(Can of worms…lol)

Imagine the hunter trying to tell you a harvester is finished constructing. Lmao

i think it will be a locust grunt leader, every new leader is ridiculously over power so thaths only fitting

love it already :slight_smile:

Just had a blast running through Halo Reach and every time i saw Hunters i was like !@#!%$@#$. -Yoink- tough cans of worms.

LOVE to see Lekgolo as a leader. Wondering about the communication thou :slight_smile:

Cool. I may dust off Halo Wars 2 to give this new leader a look. Hopefully I can find players with whom to play against on PC.

Really excited to see where they take this! It would be cool if they functioned similarly to anders in the sense of using sentinels, as Lekgolo can manipulate forerunner technology in canon.

It could be the named hunters from combat evolved Nassa Fassu and Nassa Huru they were both killed by Master Chief. Lol