Upcoming Halo YouTube Channel - Woohoo Voodoo

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Hey guys, my name is Woohoo Voodoo, and I am an upcoming Halo YouTuber who is going to be uploading all sorts of quality Halo content. I don’t know how many of you on the forums have YouTube channels, but I wanted to make the community aware of myself and thought that coming here would be the best place to look for potential subscribers who also enjoy playing Halo just as much as I do! :smiley:

Below here is a link to my channel trailer that I made for my channel, it will give you some details about kinds of videos I am going to be uploading and provide you with all my social links (Facebook & Twitter) and just give you a little taste of what I am all about! (:


Check out the description if you are interested in other details about the video such as the videos featured in it or the background music I used.

Thanks a lot guys for at least checking out my channel. Hopefully you liked what you saw and gave it a like and/or maybe even subscribed! :smiley:

-Noah / Woohoo Voodoo

I believe you posted in the wrong forum… or you are just spamming…