Upcoming Halo 4 War of Clans

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My name is Goldenbudda21 and I am the residing Chairman of the Halo 4 clan, The Dark Order of the Sith. I come to you today seeking aid. We are a clan of more than 100 members but are on the brink of war. This war has estimated 7 or more clans and we ask you to come aid us and fight. Rewards include alliance with our clan which will ensure future battles between us and you for the fun of playing. If you are interested in a Halo 4 war of clans, contact us at our website: http://www.dark-sith-order.com/ We await your arrival.

Participation guarantees a new ally for your clan and a new clan to add to your clan battle reservoir.

Dark Order of the Sith

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Just thought to bring this to your attention as this thread is a harrassment topic against other members of the Halo community [Namely me]

“Namely you?” I don’t know if you can read or not, but you saw no names of anyone or any other clan but my own. So therefore this is not a harassment thread. I’m sorry if you feel that way, but since no one is mentioned, it cannot be declared harassment, it is recruitment for the cause of my clan.

Good day to you sir.

While this is in no way harassing, your clan already has a thread:


Please post there.