Upcoming Halo 4 Multiplayer Maps

What is the best/most interesting/ best made map released so far? I like all the maps, I really do. They seem to be much more multiplayer oriented as 343i said a long time ago and they seem to be doing lots of things right. These, in my opinion are some of the higher quality maps of Halo history and I hope they play as well as they seem.

It’s tough to tell seeing that we haven’t seen all of the maps yet. I’d have to play on them first to really give a valid opinion.

i can honestly say im a little excited for complex. it looks like it will have some interesting firefights in it.


Honestly, I’m really excited for Longbow, Exile, Solace, and Abandon.
They are so much better than Reach’s base maps, like Sword Base -.-

Like others have said not knowing all the maps I cant give a opinion however i am exited and looks like the multiplayer has improved drasticly.

The Pit

Wait. Am I doing it wrong?

But I am excited for complex

I like all the maps and do need to play them to express my answer more

But i guess i cant wait to try Ragna on halo 4

Is Abandon supposed to be a small map? Because it’s pretty big.

Based purely on video(as that’s all we have to go by obviously), i’d rank them in this order:

  1. Adrift
    -Seems like a decent map, but i’m not too fond of the UNSC/Space setting, just doesn’t grab my interest as much. Love the outdoor sections though, visually and the man cannons.

  2. Haven
    -Looks like it will be great for competitive 4 vs 4 slayer. Enjoy the environment.

  3. Ragnarok
    -This definitely seems to be a great remake of Valhalla. I would have rather they had done a different BTB map, preferably from Halo 2, but Valhalla was fun, so this should be good too. The scenery looks awesome.

  4. Complex
    -HAven’t seen a whole lot of gameplay on this map, none officially on-screen I don’t think. So it’s tough to judge. However, from what I have seen, this should be a great BTB CTF map, as well as work well for Flood and slayer.

  5. Abandon
    -What an awesome looking environment! This is exactly the type of beautifully done, unique setting, filled with atmospheric mood on a map that I have been asking for in threads. The layout also looks to be quite unique compared to what we have gotten so far. Definitely will play well for Flood, but i’m intrigued to see how well other gametypes will work on it, such as 1 bomb assault and KotH etc.

  6. Solace
    -This is gonna be a great competitive 4 vs 4 CTF map, as well as great for slayer in general. The sightlines just look like tons of fun, much like Lockout was in Halo 2, and I enjoy the environment it’s all set in.

  7. Longbow
    -Fell in love with this map as soon as I saw it. I’m a sucker for snow maps, and the Dominion mode just set it over the top. It looks to be a great map for multiple gametypes, and it’s just a beautiful map to look at.

  8. Exile
    -Something about this map just seems like an instant classic. Like this map is gonna be one of the few that define Halo 4 that we’ll want back again sometime. Maybe it’s because my favorite map is Sidewinder, and this has a similar shape…but it just seems to play great for CTF, and you can’t go wrong with a great CTF map. It’s your typical canyon setting, so that’s a little disappointing, but the visuals and textures are probably the best we’ve seen out of this type of setting.

So that’s my top 8 in order of least to greatest, it’s important to note that I think they all look great, and have yet to see one that sticks out as being uninspiring crap, visually or layout wise. It’ll be interesting to see how/if it changes once the last 2 maps are revealed, and especially more so once I’ve actually gotten to put some playtime into all of them. We all know looks can be deceiving, I could totally flip flop on some of them, dislike all of them, or think they are all equally great…who knows. For now, Exile remains the best in my opinion.

All of them look lovely, especially Abandon, Exile, Solace, and Ragnarok.

Most excited for Haven and Exile. The other maps look good, but I don’t like them too much. Hopefully, the map packs come with maps that suit more of my tastes.

I want to try out Adrift , Longbow and Exile.

I cant wait anymore!