Upcoming Community Playdate via Xbox LIVE Dashboard on Halo Reach

Hello friends,

Thought I’d tell some of you the site I work for “SFX-360” will have a Halo Reach playdate on the Xbox Dashboard July 1st on Halo Reach from 8pm to 11pm EST. Hopefully by Monday or sometime next week Xbox.com will be updated and have it featured on the calendar. The link to the “Calendar” is Here.

The reason I’m making this post is to give some of you a heads up that I often play with on Halo reach and to also get ideas or forged worlds “maps” to use. I’ve cleared out most of the ones I’ve downloaded in the past and I’m now on the search for the best maps to use throughout that night. If any new updates come up I’ll be sure to make a post quickly. Have any questions please shoot me a PM or a message below.


I’d like to thank the few that jumped in game last night and helped me find a few fun custom games. If anyone that post in this forums has ideas for custom games please feel free to link them below.

oh wow FEAR3 is coming soon!!! very soon. Great series, both canon and non-canon games.:wink:

I KNOW! Fear 3 is going to be the …