Upcoming Action Sack + Map Combos you would love

Here are some action sack gametype / map combos I would like to see in Halo 5 (you can download ALL these amazing custom maps from my fileshare, links are given below):

Nice ideas!

I’d like to see more unique, outlandish gametypes like they had in Halo 3. Things like Run for Cover, Dodgeball, Pit of Lies, and Sumo were all pretty great, and considering what you can do with Halo 5 Forge, I’d would love to see what crazy new things people have come up with, rather than the more generic things like SWAT CTF and Binary Slayer (No Offense).

I have to disagree with your list. Most of them are just Slayer/CTF with slightly changed settings, nothing overly exciting nor fun. Why not take inspiration from Reach, which had some real great Action Sack games? They had AR Soccer, Skee ball, dodgeball (though I think that was only in Halo 3?), Dino Blasters, etc…

In all honesty, Halo 4’s Action Sack playlist was terrible. It, like your list, was just Slayer+ or CTF+ rather than something big and exciting. Since Halo 5’s Forge offers so many possibilities with its potential, I think we need to aim higher than just basic gametype variants.

Rift Ball, Infinity Siege, Ground Pound Arena, Gondola Wars, Hallwars, Ro Sham Bo, Red Rover, Team Hammers, Team Punchout, Battlegoose Stadium.

SWATguns. Anyone remember that one?