UPC Recruiting on Halo 5!

United Phoenix Command which is the main Halo Branch of United Phoenix Nation is officially recruiting for Halo 5! If interested in joining you must be at least 13 or older with a working mic. We are also currently looking or experienced Forgers to join UPC to help us build our maps since we have no Forgers on Halo 5 yet. UPC has a few rules you must follow and is probably one of the most developed clans out there. As the President of UPN i spend hours upon hours developing the Notes that each Officer gets through email that they must apply as their daily duties. As an Officer of UPC or one of our other Branches on different games its expected that you perform these duties to the letter. UPC is not just a clan its a family. United Phoenix Command has a Spartan Company Set up as well for members to join, its actually a requirement to join the Company. UPC is a Space Navy type clan with Star Ships and Fleets as its organizing structure. United Phoenix Command opened on Halo 5 January 2nd with the launch of the SS Constitution, the SS Enterprise followed January 4th. Contact UPN Mystogan, UPC RiskTaker, Jstacks95, ShotSkull777 or kimster22 to join UPC or another Branch on another game we might have opened up.

our schedule is as below for Halo 5 UPC:

MON: Clan Meeting @ 7 PM Est.
TUES: Warzone & Recruiting @ 6-8 PM Est.
WED: Practice Raids @ 6-8 PM Est.
THURS: Arena & Recruiting @ 6-8 PM Est.
FRI: Custom Games @ 6-8 PM Est.
SAT: Training Day all day.
SUN: Chill Day/JCS Meeting @ 8-9 PM Est/Council Meeting @ 8-9 PM Est/Senate Session @ 8-9 PM Est.

UPC Prime Directive (rules for Halo 5 Branch, Halo 4 Branch is similar but slightly different):

  1. Must be at least 13 years of age to join UPC. No Exceptions.
  2. All Members will show respect to all other Members regardless of rank at all times.
  3. All Members must remain in uniform at all times.
  4. Any Hacking or Glitching in UPC Controlled games will result in a Moderate Form of Punishment depending on length of either one done.
  5. All Members must follow through with an order given by a superior ranking Member, failure to do so will result in a few warnings to comply and then the Member will be given a Low Form of Punishment.
  6. You have the right to talk to any Member in UPC, Higher Ups (Fleet Captain or higher) have the right to revoke questions or requests and withhold information for Security concerns.
  7. No Membership to any other Clan or Community besides UPC on any game that UPC is operating on.
  8. As a Member being Friends or Communicating with a Blacklisted Member or Clan will get you a High Form of Punishment.
  9. Being caught poaching from another Clan or Community is punishable by any Moderate to High Form of Punishment depending on how often or how much Poaching went on.
  10. Quit once as a Enlisted or Senior Enlisted Ranked Member you may come back once for free retaining your rank, but as an Officer you must come back in 24 hours to retain the rank you once had, if you didn’t make it you are put at the rank of Ensign Junior Grade. (Unless you are put forth in front of a Review Board consisting of UPC’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, they may change the outcome and have you resume your previous rank regardless of time away). Quit twice you come back as a Recruit. Quit third time you are put at Negative Recruit, 4th quit you are Blacklisted. After you are Blacklisted you cannot get a Blacklist appeal done, UPC Closes its doors to you. (A total of 4 Chances to rejoin UPC)
  11. Any UPC Member with any disruptive noise on their mic in any lobby UPC controlled (Whether the noise is music or other things) will be asked and forced to mute their mics or turn off whatever noise was present if another UPC Member requests it. if it is a random person that is not part of the Clan in the UPC controlled lobby, the Ranking Officer may give the order to boot the person from the lobby or party.
  12. All UPC Members must keep their friends list open or be removed from the Clan, this is to ensure no Blacklisted or harmful individuals in General are a threat to the Community.
  13. Members must be 15 or older to attain the rank of Lieutenant Commander or higher. Members must be 17 or older to achieve Rear Admiral or higher. (the UPN President or UPN Vice President may also allow exceptions for any rank based on performance of duties)
  14. It is every Officers duty to inform and invite Members to the daily activity each night at 6-8 pm est, it is a Prime Directive Order now to do so at will.
  15. Members will not kill any other Member or random during Bootcamp or any Meetings unless ordered to by the Security Team present or Commanding Officers.
  16. Members will immediately be quiet or mute their mics when “Radio Silence” is called, after 3 warnings the member is excused for a few moments, if they continue to interrupt after returning they can be given a Low Level Punishment by the order of any Senior Officer present.
  17. All Members will fall in line immediately to the nearest wall or line on the ground when entering any custom game with Allies or other Clans present, this is done to ensure order in the clan and show to other clans when present that UPC is organized and professional. Only the most Senior Ranking Member present can give the order and can have other Officers give the orders if they are going to be busy right away.
  18. All Members will immediately leave a game or party if invited or ordered to by a Senator, Councillor or any of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or higher, failure to do so could lead to a Low Form of Punishment beyond just the warnings.
  19. All Members will show their most mature and respectful behaviour when allies to UPC are present, a Senior Officer usually will inform members in the game if an ally has joined.
  20. All Members will obey the UPC Raid Rules when established during a war, failure to follow the Raid Rules will result in a Moderate Form of Punishment, Ensign’s and higher in Tactical or Security usually enforce the Raid Rules if they are not followed.

UPN Branches:

United Phoenix Command (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

Ninja Style Clan (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

United Phoenix Command (Halo 5 Xbox One)

United Phoenix Rangers (Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, Xbox One)

United Phoenix Spartans (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360 [temporarily shut down due to low recruitment])

United Phoenix National Guard (UPN Wide Force of Members who back up any Branch in serious trouble)