Unused specialization code?

Hey I’ve posted in a couple other places and haven’t gotten any responses. So I figured I’d try one more time here. I really want to play Halo, but since I’ve hit lvl 70 the thrill is gone. So if anyone has a code just laying around that they would like to give to a fellow halo-phile, I would be most appreciative. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you truly liked the game you wouldn’t need a code to carry on playing it.

why waste time when you should have a code so you can rank up gives you something to play for

Pm me OP

Like Kim, I’ve got the code

Does anyone have a spare code that I can please have, it would be much appreciated.

I’ve fixed my settings so I can now receive PM’s, sorry didn’t know that I had to change the setting from a default. You can now send me messages if needed. Thanks, and sorry. :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m Blubehr on the xbox 360 i know i am very late but i would like a specialization code for a good set of armor i am currently a level in the 80’s and the reason i ask is all my friends have really cool armor and they even have master chiefs armor you unlock from doing the campaign on legendary and when i try alone or with friends i never succeed so if you could help that would be very appreciated.


Please check the dates before posting, this thread has been inactive for almost 2 years.

To answer your comment, the Specialisation codes are now redundant. All the code did was grant users access to all 8 Specialisations when 343 only made 2 available during the first few months after the game launched. Now everyone has access to all 8 Specialisations once they reach SR50, and can choose which Specialisation they want to enroll in for the next 10 levels.