Untapped potential: An example of high quality narrative experiences via shared 343 dev tools authored by external creators

I have another thread about external 343 devs competing for content creation, marketplace, supply and demand, etc. Here is an example of the scale of content that might be possible and worth it:

Imagine for a moment a serious group of professional-grade game makers pitch an idea as extended content for Halo Infinite. It’s their side gig, a portfolio piece, something they can put their names on. Let us call them Dev1.

Dev1 registers with 343 for the opportunity to tell a unique and convincing non-canon story within the halo extended universe. They wish to tell a PvE story within the visual language of Fracture: Tenrai.

The scale and scope of the engagement with players are a series of smaller scenarios that build to a raid.

Dev1 registers with 343, gathers its team, and pitches the self-containing experience adjacent to mainline halo infinite. The bosses at 343 stipulate story and IP constraints, financial terms, and other limits to conserve 343’s investments but ultimately green-lights the project with promises to lend support to Dev1’s efforts by sharing development tools and technical support.

Dev1 goes to work creating scripted cinematics, recording voice actors, modeling weapons, armor, environments, etc that fit the Tenrai aesthetic, build 4 episodic 4-player scenarios that end on a 12 or 24-player raid.

Upon release, any player may join in on the fun of experiencing the first two episodes free. Completion of and skill-based in-scenario achievements unlock unique halo infinite MP customizations. All free.

For episodes 3, 4, and the raid your 4-person fireteam has to have at least one person who’s paid for the full scenario. As guests, much like season content, you unlock rewards behind an optional paywall.

The storytelling, challenge of the gameplay, and the in-scenario skill-based rewards and completion rewards are compelling, unique, and high quality enough to warrant some price tag be it pay-to-play, guest invitation, or sponsor-based payment.

The whole player base may experience the scenario, some unlock-ables are absolutely free, others are behind the paywall of you want it, but the experience to play the scenario is available.

This sort of content doesn’t compete with forgers and that community, supplements the dearth of playable materials available to passionate fans, frees up 343 to concentrate on the platform, and builds investment in the game from additional parties.

I am not saying turn halo into destiny, use MMO elements in halo, oversaturate halo with crap content, whatever. It’s an example of outside-the-box thinking of using dev tools to make an offering that doesn’t already exist but contributes to Halo as a platform.

Separate thread about adding monetized content via 343-external developers.