Unstable ping in Matchmaking

When I play matchmaking, the ping has not been stable for a few weeks/months. I live in France and my ping is totally unstable from 15ms to 60ms in a matchmaking game ! I have fiber at home, this issue never happened before september and many friends get the same issue

My setup is the same as before issue ; wired, fiber, xbox serie x, all my cables are fine


Just cause you have a fiber connection doesn’t automatically equal a stable connection. Having things setup, like a static IP, port forwarding, a wired connection, having your device setup to be the main device so the connection doesn’t get bottle necked, etc etc…… you can have amazing upload/download speeds and all that, but if you don’t prioritize your device, you can still experience high pings.

Having an expensive internet package doesn’t automatically equal a great connection.

Some news on that front:

Btw, not saying 343 is free of blame with unstable connections… just saying that it’s not always a simple “I have expensive internet, therefore it’s not on my end” answer.

Ping has been crap in 2/3 of my games since the winter “update” hit.

Thanks for posting this hope it gets fixed soon guess ill just play another game till then

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